Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Tomorrow marks the beginning National Teacher Appreciation Week. For the past fifteen years, National Teacher Appreciation Week has been the first full week of May. In addition to National Teacher Appreciation Week, there is also a National Teacher Appreciation Day. This year that day is Tuesday, May 8th.

Below I have listed some ideas to help you and your children show gratitude toward their teachers.

It is close to end of the school year and many parents attend and make pictures of almost all school events. Help your child create a scrapbook for his teacher displaying pictures of all of the year’s events. Your child can add some of his very own artwork and written memories of school. Help your child decorate the cover of the book and add a special note.

Let your child choose five small gifts for the teacher. Some ideas are candy, lotions, hand sanitizer, markers, homemade cards, etc. Have your child take one gift to school to the teacher each day this week.

Write your child’s teacher a personal letter showing your thanks. Nothing means more to a teacher than getting appreciation from parents.

Help out at school this week. Volunteer to come in and complete an activity with the class or help out with room decorations or end of the year wrap-ups.

Celebrate the teacher. On Tuesday (or Friday), treat the teacher and the class to cookies and juice. Have each child in the class sign a card or draw pictures for the teacher.

Contact the other parents of the students in the room and ask if they want to chip in on a gift for the teacher. A couple of dollars from each student can buy a great gift for a teacher. Teachers can really use gift cards from Wal-Mart, Target, or teacher stores. The card will come in handy when setting up the room and getting supplies for next school year.

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