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IKEA Bargains

IiStock_000020396997XSmallKEA is a well-loved store. It’s simple, affordable furniture designs make it very popular with everyone from college students to retirees. There are different lines of furniture in different styles and price points. You can even get a whole kitchen designed and installed through the store.

While the IKEA furniture and decor certainly are less expensive than many other brands, that doesn’t mean that you should pay the full price for any of it. Not when there are many ways to get a bargain at IKEA. Before you shop, check out the following savings ideas.

IKEA Family

IKEA has launched a new program called IKEA family. There are kiosks throughout the store, most notably at the entrances. Sign up right then and there, and you will be given a card. The card entitles everyone in your family to a free coffee or tea during your visit, discounts on selected items (which change often), and the opportunity to be entered into a monthly drawing each time the card is scanned.

The “As Is” Section

Tucked away in a room or a small section of the self-serve warehouse is the “As Is” area. Here you will find rock bottom prices on IKEA items that may have a flaw or perhaps have been used in a display. Most of the time, the problem is tiny, such as pencil markings on a desk (that can be easily cleaned) or a slight chip on a shelf (that could be covered with a permanent marker). Other times the damage is more serious or noticeable. It is worth a stop in this section, because there can be some real gems available.

The “Last Chance” Section

A step of from the “As Is” area is the “Last Chance” area, where you will find items that are in perfect condition but have been discontinued for one reason or another. Because IKEA items run in set styles, you’ll probably find that the last chance items still incorporate well into an overall design using current pieces. You may also see displays of last chance items right on the floor in displays.

Frozen Yogurt

Along with furniture and decor, IKEA also sells food and drink. One of the best bargains around is the frozen yogurt. For just $1 including tax, you can get yourself a cone. It is a great way to treat the kids at the end of a long shopping day without affecting your budget. It is very tasty, too.

IKEA Hacks

One criticism of IKEA and furnishing your home with its products is that it is so popular, your decor will be far from unique. Buy stuff from this store, and your rooms won’t look too much different from hundreds or even thousands of others. That is where IKEA hacks come in. There are ways to take an existing item that was purchased from the store and then turn it into something new and unique and even one of a kind. It doesn’t matter if you think you aren’t that creative. There are many ideas, photos, tutorials and videos that can show you the possibilities.

Buy Used

One great benefits of the popularity of this store is the availability of pre-owned pieces. As owners decide to change their decor, downsize, upsize or move, they are willing to sell off their items for 50 to 70 percent of what they originally paid. You can take advantage of this to get bargain basement prices on furniture and accessories that you were going to purchase anyway. Search local online ads to see what is available.

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