Innovative Ways to Save on Toys

save on toysChildren can outgrow their toys very quickly. Don’t spend money on new toys unnecessarily. Here are some innovative ways that you can provide your children with creative, educational and time-occupying toys on a budget.

Check Toys Out from a Toy Library

Toy libraries are popping up all over the country. These libraries lend out top-rated toys, puzzles and games, as well as host play events for families. Toy libraries save parents from spending a lot of money on toys while making sure that kids don’t get bored.

To locate a toy library near you, visit the Toy Library Association online.

Keep in mind that many traditional book libraries may also have some toys and games to loan.

Shop the Thrift Stores

Some child’s old toy can be your child’s new toys for just a few dollars. Thrift stores are a wealth of outgrown toys and games, some of which may still be in the original packaging. Just make sure to examine any toy you find carefully to check for missing parts or damage before you buy.

Online Toy Rental

Forget purchasing new toys, parents can now rent them from a number of different businesses, such as and Toygaroo. Parents and caregivers can rent even the hottest toys on a monthly basis, with an option to buy, in most cases, if a particular toy becomes a favorite. Kids will have a rotating supply of new toys to keep them occupied. Some parents are even using the service to provide more toys for birthdays or under the Christmas tree.

Participate in a Toy Exchange

Contact your local moms club or just get together with other friends who are parents and participate in a toy exchange. Families can swap outgrown toys or toys their children no longer play with for new to them toys. Kids get new toys they can keep, and parents pay nothing while getting rid of clutter.

Get Toys at Free Events

There are a number of free sponsored events that also give your children free toys. Granted they are usually small, but some of these toys are significant. Toy stores in particular offer nice free toys as part of their advertising and promotion. Free Lego toys are one of the most popular.


Parents can join their regional Freecycle group and post a request for new toys. Most members will happily dig through rooms and closets to fulfill a request, for free. Likewise, many families post offers for free toys to the group. Each group is local, and members are responsible for making the exchange of free items. There is no fee to join.