Outdated Auto Insurance Requirement has Been Repealed

An auto insurance law that affects dealerships has been repealed. This makes it easier on the dealerships, and really doesn’t affect customers one way or another. The last time your bought a new car, did you ask the dealer to show you an insurance booklet? I didn’t think so. There was a law passed in 1972 that required the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to do something that they would never be asked to do today (if it wasn’t for that particular law). What was the requirement? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had to prepare, print out, and mail, … Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Accident Leads to Insurance Issues

What happens if a relative borrows your car, without your permission, and gets into an accident? What if the relative was intoxicated, and decided to post about the situation on Facebook after arriving home? This could easily lead to a great big mess for an insurance company to sort out. It has been said, many times over, that everyone should be cautious about what they choose to post on social media. This is especially true if you have filed an insurance claim. There is potential that your insurance company could decide to take a look at your Facebook page or … Continue reading

Allstate Insurance has Safe Winter Driving Tips

Were you “dreaming of a white Christmas”? Now that the holiday is over, and you have to start driving back and forth to work every day again, all that snow and ice doesn’t look quite so inviting. Allstate Insurance has some safe Winter driving tips for you. Their advice could help you avoid an accident and an auto insurance claim. Winter weather is serious! How extreme the weather will get depends on where you live. In California, I’m most likely to be dealing with a bit of rain. In many other parts of the country, however, people can expect to … Continue reading

Nationwide has Tips to Avoid Car Break-Ins

According to Nationwide Insurance, it takes less than a minute for a thief to break your car window and steal the stuff that you stowed in your car. All those Christmas presents that were in your car could disappear while you were shopping another store. Nationwide has some tips on how to avoid car break-ins. This is the time of year when people spend a lot of money on Christmas gifts for friends and family. Unfortunately, thieves are aware of this. Often, a person will stuff their filled Christmas shopping bags into their car, drive to the next store, and … Continue reading

Tips for Driving Safely Through the Snow

Winter weather often includes snow. Driving in snow is not the same as driving down the street on a nice, sunny, day. Here are some safety tips that can help you to safely drive through the snow and to avoid an accident, (and the auto insurance claim that would accompany it). Right now, I live in a part of California that doesn’t actually get any snow. This is a great relief to me after growing up and spending my young adult life in the midwest. I’ll be quite happy if I never have to drive through a snowstorm during a … Continue reading

State Farm has Advice for Safe Merging

Merging is a fine art that not every driver has mastered. It helps if you pay attention to the other drivers and use some common sense safety tips. State Farm has some advice for safe merging that can help prevent you from having a traffic accident and an auto insurance claim. You are driving down the road and notice that the lane you are in, and the lane next to you, are going to merge together. Maybe you are getting on the highway and you need to merge into the traffic that is already on the road. Are you good … Continue reading

Which States are the Speediest?

How fast do you drive? Do you think the other drivers in your state are “speeders”? CarInsuranceQuotes.com compiled a list of the states where drivers receive the most traffic tickets for speeding. Do you live in one of those states? It happens every day. Some idiot flies down the road and nearly causes an accident. People who are in a hurry tend to forget that there are some very bad things that can happen when drivers choose to drive faster than the speed limit. The later you are for work, the more tempted you might be to ignore the safety … Continue reading

What to Do After a Parking Lot Accident

We are now in what I think of as “the crazy season”. People are shopping for Christmas gifts, parking lots are fuller than usual, and drivers are stressed out and making impulsive driving decisions. There is potential that you could be involved in a car accident that takes place in a parking lot. Here are some tips about what to do (and what not to do) after the unfortunate happens. Oops! You weren’t paying attention and you backed your car out of the parking space and into someone else’s vehicle. What are you supposed to do now? State Farm has … Continue reading

Make Sure Your Auto Insurance is Real

Many states require drivers to have current auto insurance coverage. Honest people will follow the law and purchase car insurance coverage. Unfortunately, some drivers in Detroit may have ended up buying fake auto insurance from a very dishonest person. Check to see if your policy is real. Your state probably requires all drivers to be covered by auto insurance. This means that you must purchase it in order to comply with the law. Without it, you could be in for some big trouble if you ever are pulled over by a police officer. Even if your state doesn’t require you … Continue reading

Adding Insurance After Accident Won’t Help

Most, if not all, states require drivers to purchase auto insurance coverage. A woman in Pennsylvania decided to add comprehensive and collision coverage to her car insurance policy after an accident had already occurred. She may have thought this would help her save money. In reality, this is a form of fraud. Not every consumer understands exactly what his or her car insurance policy covers. This makes it difficult for people to compare one policy to another in order to obtain the coverage they require for the least amount of money. Some of the wording in the policies is confusing … Continue reading