Involve Your Children in Scrapbooking

With scrapbooking as perhaps one of my top three most favorite things to do, it is only natural that I wish to share that hobby with my friends and family. And why not get my children involved as soon as possible? How do you get your children interested in scrapbooking?

Set Limits – Guide

Don’t just open up your scrapbook room and tell them to use whatever they want. This can overwhelm them and make them feel as if they aren’t capable of making decisions. Perhaps putting together a few items in a kit and allowing them to choose which kit they want to work with, would be better.

Take Them With You

Take your children with you when you shop for supplies. Have them select some photographs ahead of time that they might wish to scrapbook. When they are shopping they can choose what they wish to use on their pages and get things that coordinate.

Don’t Limit Just to Pages

Your child might not enjoy your hobby as much as you do, and perhaps they don’t wish to create pages. You can show them other crafty things to make and alter using scrapbook products. This allows them the freedom to express themselves anyway they choose.

Scrapbook With Them

Sitting down with your child and scrapbooking is huge. First of all, spending time with your child in any situation is a good thing. But beyond that, you are teaching your child to love art, love creating, using their imaginations, perfecting manual dexterity for younger children and so much more. And hey – you’re bonding. That’s pretty big.

Be sure and ask your children if they would like to scrapbook with you too. You might have a born scrapbooker or at least one that it is mildly curious. Just think, you’ll never attend a convention alone again!

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