iPad App for Preschoolers: Mibblio

At a Glance

Cost: FREE, includes one free Mibblet (additional Mibblets are $1.99)
  1. Wheels on the Bus$1.99
  2. On Top of Spaghetti$1.99
  3. Old MacDonald$1.99
  4. Monkey Jamboree$1.99
  5. Mashed Potato Monster Gang$1.99
  6. Millie and Her Curling, Whirling Hair$1.99
  7. Superhero Vacation$1.99
  8. Sunny Side Up$1.99
  9. Wibblesmacks$1.99
Age Recommendation: 3 to 8
Theme: Interactive musical/storybook
Uses: Children are fully engaged in reading, singing, and playing music to develop a sense of curiosity and fun about reading and music.
Synopsis: Mibblio is the first musically interactive storybook app of its kind. Inside Mibblio is a world of beautiful mibblets — illustrated story-songs that invite children to read along, sing along, and jam along. Explore the ever-growing collection, discover your favorites and enjoy! 


Our Thoughts:

My four year old chose Monkey Jamboree as her free Mibblet, or musical story book.  She loved it so much that we purchased Milli and Her Curling, Whirling Hair.  My little girl loved both stories and was fully engaged with each. The keyboard in the app plays so many interesting sounds from piano to a guitar.  To the side of the story there are options to click on different instruments and a fun little way to strum a harp, guitar, and more!  All the options make this app so much fun.  If you want to read your child the story, you can switch to story mode on the home page and read without music.  The app is perfect for entertaining little ones while teaching them different instruments and how sounds come together to make beautiful music.  The app contains beautiful graphics and is easy to navigate.  Best of all, it is free with one free Mibblet…so go try it out today!

Do you use apps to keep your little ones entertained on long drive or waits?  Or do you use them for educational purposes?  Share your feelings on apps and which ones are your favorite.