iPad Photo Apps to Preserve Memories

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One of my favorite things to do is take pictures. Even before having children, I loved photography. When I was a kid I would take pictures of my cat and my stuffed animals. I always wished I pursued photography more but to everything there is a season. Right now the season is taking as many pictures of my kids as I can. I have been quite impressed with the camera on my iPhone. With my iPhone and iPad, I have been able to take pictures so nice that I am often asked if I am a pro or if a pro took the pictures. Having no formal training, I know that if I can do it, so can you. So get your iPad ready and consider some of these apps to preserve those precious memories.

When you look up photo editing apps you will notice most do relatively the same thing. I suggest trying a “lite” or free version if available before purchasing. You should also find plenty of free apps that do 75% or more of what the paid apps have to offer. There is an Adobe Photoshop app that I have yet to try, but it promises to do more than changing filters and cropping. Look around and download freebies to get a feel for how photo editing is done on the iPad. I love it but it may not be for you.

I have the apps mentioned below. Please note the first three are very similar overall so you may just need one of them.

Snapseed: this app will allow you to easily crop, rotate, brighten, sharpen, and all the basic edits along with a variety of filters. The app is easy to navigate and versatile.

Filterstorm: created specifically for the iPad and not a photo option scaled down to suite the iPad, it offers a professional feel to your editing experience and look of your picture. There are two versions of the app; one pro and other a scaled down version. You will have to take some time to play around with it but it is worth it.

PS Express: this is a scaled down Adobe Photoshop app. The app is as easy to use and offers the variety of Snapseed. This one is free so I highly recommend this is where you start. You will not need another basic editing app once you install this one!

Turbo Collage: a fun way to make collages easily. So many options from text to placement and size of photos and photo size of finished product.

Collage: I only have this app because it comes with filters that are very nice and a bit different than the ones on my other apps. It is fun to use but honestly, you only need one collage app. As always, go with free since most collage apps are basically the same.

Text on Photo: offers a wide variety of fonts and options. I use it all the time when I make website buttons.

Walgreens: with this app you can order photos you just took at zoo and pick them up on the way home.