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Easter candy has been on sale at my local Target, Wal-Mart and Walgreens since the day after Valentine’s.  Who the heck is going to want to eat those treats by the time March 31st rolls around?

Nothing like blaming the Easter Bunny for giving your kid stale candy.

And what about Lucky the Leprechaun?

He’ll be fortunate if he gets a Peppermint Pattie or some other mint-flavored goodie before St. Patrick’s Day rolls around.

Unless it’s egg or bunny-shaped, he’s probably out of luck.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the same fate.  You don’t have to hail from the land of shamrocks and sudsy Stouts to make merry mid-month.  Rather, have fun with friends and family with these St. Patrick’s Day activities:

Paper Plate Pot of Gold:  To make this festive decoration, all you need is a paper plate, a bunch of markers or crayons, some gold glitter glue and a pair of scissors.  Start by folding the paper plate in half lengthwise.  Draw a large half-moon, using the crease line as the bottom of the moon. Leave about an inch of space between the half-moon shape and the edges of the plate.  Cut-out the half-moon.  When you are done, the plate should resemble a pot with a handle.  Use the markers or crayons to color a rainbow on the handle.  Next, color the bottom portion of the plate black to resemble a pot.  Finally, apply a liberal amount of gold glitter glue to the top portion of the pot.

Shamrock Dress-Up:  Make dressing up for St. Patrick’s Day a family affair.  Dad can sport a green jacket with a white shirt and green sweatpants.  To spice up the look, have him don a beard, some white stockings and a large crown made from plastic shamrocks and pretend he’s a shamrock king.  Meanwhile, mom can wear a green dress covered with paper shamrocks, and a homemade shamrock tiara embellished with glitter and gold accents.  Finally, kids can go casual with a white shirt decorated with “Mom’s Good Luck Charm” written in green puffy paint. Accessorize with green and white striped socks and an affordable sparkly shamrock deely bopper you can get at the Dollar Store.

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