Is Preschool Necessary?

In short no, preschool it is not necessary.  Parents are rightly concerned about preparing their children for the future.  However, instruction and teachers are not necessarily the answer.  Young children are naturally curious and interested in exploration.  It helps develop them as a person and how they see the world around them.  A child needs the ability to stretch her legs and run free to absorb the world around her.  Instruction while sitting in a classroom causes a child to focus only on vanilla surroundings and one way of solving a problem.

In addition to classroom instruction muting creativity and problem solving, a child who begins her education early is not more advanced than a child who begins in Kindergarten.  Most kids even out through the Kindergarten and first grade years.  Children who have an aptitude for excelling in school will excel regardless of attending preschool.

Don’t panic if your child is currently enrolled in a preschool.  Preschool is not harmful.  Just give your child plenty of creative outlets and opportunities at home to explore.  If you are choosing a preschool then find one that encourages hands on education and imagination.  Montessori preschools are very well equipped to teach while encouraging individuality and creative thought.

If you chose not to send a child to preschool but you are interested in homeschooling then relax.  You do not need a high priced curriculum.  Your child does not need to know how to spell Mississippi and recite the Declaration of Independence.  Preschool is a time to set the stage for learning.  It is the time to encourage a child to explore and develop a critical thinker.  Preschool is the doorway to the art of learning.  It is not about instruction and recall.  To successfully teach preschool you need plenty of books, plenty of art supplies, and plenty of time spent in nature.  Enjoy!