Is The Free Resort Stay Worth It?

file000816645451Lately, I have been getting a lot of mail offering me invitations to stay for free at one resort or another. The invitations promise that I could invite my spouse and any children that we have. In exchange for a night or two or three at a fabulous resort, all I have to do is to sit in on a meeting.

Well, of course you may know what theses offers really are, attempts to sell vacation time shares. The meeting may last up to a half a day, and I could be subjected to many different sales techniques in order to get me to sign. But, if I am willing to go through that, the rest of the time would be available to enjoy all the amenities for free. Some might say that is a fair exchange, or is it?

My thoughts are probably not. From some research I have done, I have found out the following information. Note that I have never tried any of these offers myself.

You may be held up longer than you think. Often when you say no, you are offered additional incentives, such as cheap prizes, or someone else to meet, or something else to say. The goal in many instances is to keep you there as long as possible, wear you down, and get you to say yes.

Your kids may not be having as good a time as you think. While you may be told that the kids are having a great time playing or engaged in some sort of “camp,” the reality may actually be miserable kids in a plain room with just a few puzzles or toys.

Free vouchers may not be free. The vouchers for a free stay or free tickets or a free meal may not exactly be free. You may have to pay taxes and fees to use them (sometimes costing the same amount you would have paid for your stay anyway, or they may have so many restrictions on them that you’ll never really be able to use them at all.

You have to be really firm with the presenters and sure that you won’t give in. Some people who go with no intention to buy wind up purchasing a time share despite their intentions.

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