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January 2008 Preparedness Goals

The New Year is a great time to focus on long term preparedness goals. You can plan out what you want to accomplish this year and then break it down into twelve easy steps. December really is a hectic time of the year, but I did manage to complete all of the goals for the month. We tweaked the budget, I cooked at home the majority of the time and I found many things to be grateful for.

As I consider my goals for January, I am going to include planning as an important aspect. This will help me to really achieve my preparedness plans for my family. Here are my goals:

1) Make a list of everything thing I need in my emergency preparedness kits for my family. Then break the list down into twelve months. This will help me to have complete preparedness kits by the end of the year. Some items may need to be rotated throughout the year as well.

2) Make a list of meals that my family would like during a time of crisis. These meals need to be easy to prepare, and healthy. Then buy supplies for at least two week’s worth of these meals. This will help you to have a short-term food supply on hand. You can continue to do this each month until you have the three month’s recommended under the new church guidelines.

3) Teach my children about preparedness and prepare them for emergencies. You may want to have a family home evening lesson on emergency preparedness. You can also teach basic first aid skills depending on your children’s ages.

These goals can easily be adapted to fit your family’s needs. It is essential that you begin to prepare for the future now. Let me know what your goals are and how you are doing on them. Good luck!

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