Jewel-Osco’s Coupon Policy

Jewel Osco StoreDoes your family shop for groceries at Jewel-Osco? If so, then you are probably aware that they have stopped their Preferred Card program. How much do you know about the coupon policy at Jewel-Osco? It’s always a good idea to review a store’s coupon policy before you shop.

Jewel-Osco Does Not Accept:
* Internet coupons for free product offers that do not require a qualifying purchase
* Internet coupons that have redemption values greater than $5.00
* Internet coupons that do not have a barcode
* Internet coupons that have been photocopied
* Manufacturers coupons that have been photocopied
* Any coupons that are blurry or distorted
* Any coupons that have expired
* Mail in rebates – you have to send those to the manufacturer through the mail
* Catalina coupons that say they are redeemable at a competitor to Jewel-Osco

Jewel-Osco Coupon Guidelines:
* Coupons are intended for one time use – you cannot use them more than once
* “Cents off Coupons” will be used to deduct from the total purchase. You cannot get cash back by using them. You cannot use “Cents off Coupons” to the point where they exceed the cost of the total purchase.
* You can use a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” coupon and a “Cents off Coupon” at the same time. The deduction will be taken off the purchased item (not the one you got for free).
* The price of the item cannot be exceeded when crediting a free/max value coupon.
* You can use a manufacturers coupon and combine it with a store offer, store promotion, or store coupon.
* You can use 1 manufacturers coupon and 1 store coupon per item.
* They will accept competitor “Own Brand” and “Minimum Purchase Required” coupons from: Dominick’s, Food 4 Less, Walmart, Target, Mariano’s, Caputo’s, Tony’s, Woodman’s, Walgreen’s and CVS.
* Jewel-Osco “Own Brand” merchandise store coupons can be used on the exact size and type of Jewel-Osco “Own Brand” merchandise at the face value of the coupon within the valid dates of the coupon.
* Coupons can be redeemed in WIC transactions
* Coupons can be redeemed in LINK transactions – however, customers are responsible for all taxes on coupon value
* If the coupon doesn’t have a specific discount (like “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” or “Free up to XXX”) the applied discount must be written on the coupon by the cashier.
* If you live in Illinois you may want to check the Jewel-Osco coupon policy website for more information regarding taxes.

Image by Payton Chung on Flickr.