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July 2008 Preparedness Goals

This month the focus of the food storage goals will be more on your three month supply. It is important to have this in place. I am amazed at the number of wards that I know of that have covered this topic very recently. It is important to think about your food storage and do what you can. Remember you don’t have to do everything all at once, but that bit by bit you can store what you need to. Also a three month supply is much easier to find room for than a year’s supply.

1) Make out your menu for the month. Then multiply this by three. Now you know what you need to buy in order to feed for your family for three months. You may want to make a list of the items, which are perishable, and decide how you could replace them and then store those items as well. For example, you may want to purchase powdered or canned milk and store it to cover your milk purchases. You may want to purchase and store extra canned or frozen veggies. And you may want to store the items needed to make bread, in case you can’t purchase it.

2) Watch the sales and begin purchasing the food as it comes on sale. Items cycle about every three months. You may consider getting a freezer to help with that. Additionally you may want to check out the deals blog and board.

3) Finally think about your protein and meat category. You can expand this beyond your three month supply. Look for canned chicken and tuna that are on sale. You can also freeze hamburger for up to three months, and most other meats for up to six months safely. Begin to purchase extra meat at the store now.

Taking the time to prepare this way can provide your family additional peace. By shopping the sales and stocking up, you may be able to stretch your food dollar much farther. This may be more important as food prices continue to rise.

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