Keeping Toddlers Safe Outdoors

Now that it is time to spend lots of time outdoors with the kids, it is also time to think about keeping the kids safe in the yard. Each of our homes and yards presents different safety issues for young children. Keeping curious toddlers safe can feel like a full time job sometimes. Next time you go outside, take a look around the yard and identify any poison ivy or other dangerous plants that are native to your geographic area. Remember where they are and either remove them (learn how to do so safely first) or keep your child away from them.

One of the most common outdoor safety issues is sun safety. A suntan is not required summer attire, especially for kids. There are a few ways to keep toddlers safe in the sun. You can ask your toddler to pick out a fun sun hat, sun glasses, and some sun protective clothing so that they will wear it. Sunscreen is also a must, but sometimes toddlers do not enjoy the experience of being slathered with it. Again, have them help you choose one at the store – bonus points if you try to steer them towards one from the safe sunscreens list that is put out by the Environmental Working Group. The sunscreens on that list have fewer chemicals in them than the others that are on the market.

From the garden hose to the kiddie pool, water play is so much fun for toddlers. This means that water safety is an absolute must. Keep your children safe by covering pools when they are not in use and emptying buckets of water after you are finished using them. Supervise your toddler at all times whenever they are near any container or body of water, no matter how small, because drowning can happen in very little water and in a very short amount of time.

A quick survey of your yard can help you to identify any safety issues that might be present. Fortunately, most things that you might find do not take long to fix, so you and your toddler will be able to enjoy safe outdoor play with minimal effort.