KitchMe Connects Recipes to Grocery Sales

dinnerHave you heard of KitchMe? It’s another one of these oddly named websites that people can use to save some money. KitchMe is run by and is currently in beta.

I learned about KitchMe because I signed up to get email from When I first got the email about it, I glanced at KitchMe, but didn’t quite understand what it was for. Now that I have had some more time to look at it, things are a bit more clear.

KitchMe is a website that you can browse through for interesting recipes. It will connect those recipes with current sales on the ingredients that the recipe calls for. When I first arrived on the KitchMe website, it had my zip code. I believe I must have given that information to at some time in the past.

You can login to KitchMe through your Facebook account. If you don’t have a Facebook account, you can choose to login with your email address. In other words, KitchMe is not restricted to only the people who have a Facebook account.

Before you sign up with KitchMe, you might want to take a minute to read over the information page called “Privacy”. It tells you what types of information they collect, and when they share it. Users who register with KitchMe through Facebook Connect need to know that disabling your Facebook Connect may not terminate your account with KitchMe.

The KitchMe website looks a lot like Pinterest. There are tons of photos of food. You can click on any of those that grab your attention. Or, you can use the search engine at the KitchMe page to “Find Meals to Make”. Each recipe will allow you to save it in your KitchMe Cookbook, to pin it to your Pinterest, or to “like” it on Facebook.

When I looked at the website, it showed me the full names of people who had saved a particular featured recipe to their KitchMe. This indicates that if I save a recipe on KitchMe it will probably put my full name on the recipe I saved (for all the world to see).

At the top of the photo for each recipe is a little green price tag. It says “Sale” and has a number. The number tells you how many of the ingredients in that recipe are currently on sale at stores near you. That makes it really easy for you to discover what foods are on sale right now that you need for that recipe. I can see where that might make things more convenient.

Image by Elvert Barnes on Flickr.