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Laizer Galperin: Courage, Heartache and Hope

The Jewish world watched and waited as Laizer Galperin (Chaim Eliezer Lipman Ben Devorah Leah), a child who had endured a horrible disaster yet was miraculously still alive, was taken from his home in Kiryat Malachi to Cincinnati Ohio to undergo intensive treatment. The hospital staff in Israel admitted that they had never seen a child with such deep burns over 80% of his body conscious and breathing, and yet they were saddened by the knowledge that Laizer would have to endure a year of intensive care overseas, in indescribable pain.

The then five year old Laizer barely escaped the charred remains of his beloved home which unexpectedly caught fire five months ago. Mordechai Deker jumped onto the flames as the boy was trapped on his bed, and Deker rescued him from the inferno that nearly claimed his life. Experts at Tel Shomer hospital were amazed that Laizer was still alive and yet were very concerned about the internal injuries and the infection that was quickly spreading to his hands and feet.

When Laizer was brought to America, he could not breathe without a respirator or speak unaided. After a few months, he was finally able to breathe and speak by himself, but was devastated to learn that his feet had been amputated. The son and his parents wept at the news, and yet they continue to have hope at every inch of progress the boy has been making.

Beloved Jewish singer, Mordechai Ben Dovid, visited Laizer and gave the young patient a private concert with shluchim and his grandfather, Shimon Rosenberg in attendance, dancing in spite of the pain and the pathos, bringing simcha into dark corners of the world.

Laizer has been allowed to leave the hospital and live in a rented apartment in Cincinnati with his parents. Special prostheses have been made for his amputated feet and Laizer gave Mordechai Deker a tour of the hospital and his temporary home. He insisted Mordechai see how he could sit up for himself. “At first, it was a difficult sight to see,” Deker told chabadinfo, “It’s not easy to see a child without feet or fingers on his hands.” Yet Laizers’ enthusiasm at accomplishing tasks is contagious and inspires those around him.

The Galperins are still living in a rented apartment in Cincinnati, without outside means to make money, and the family must pay for intensive treatment. If you would like to make a donation towards Laizer’s complete recovery, visit www.en.kerentzdaka.org.