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LDS Week in Review – May 5th – 10th

Life just keeps getting busier! If you weren’t able to join us throughout the week, here’s a recap so you can keep up-to-date on all the great blogs here in LDS.

We started the week with “Gospel Questions: What About Those Latte-Drinking Mormons?” A non-member friend of Tristi’s asked her why Mormons can’t drink coffee, and yet, some of them do. We learn about the Word of Wisdom and also a little bit about hypocrisy.

We got caught up to speed with our lessons in this week’s “Dinner Discussions,” and then Tristi answered another question from her non-member friend in, “What’s Up with Large Families?”

In “Mourn with Those Who Mourn,” Miriam reminds us of the injunction we were given to be comforting to those who need it, and to mourn with those who could use a soft shoulder.

We continue the Scripture Study Series with 1 Nephi 16:10-19 , 1 Nephi 16:20-25, and 1 Nephi 16:26-32. We also continue the Ten Commandments Series with the third commandment.

We learned about our Primary Sharing Time Theme for the month of May, which is, “Heavenly Father planned for me to come to my family. I can strengthen my family now.” We also read a summary of Sister Mary N. Cook’s talk to the young women of the Church about being firmly rooted, in “Anchors of Testimony.”

Tristi addressed a question about homosexuality from her non-member friend in “Turning My Back on My Brother.” We also learned about having a camp out for a fun ward activity.

Teaching Children to Love and Serve Others” is a crucial part of our parenting duty. Miriam addressed this beautifully in her blog. Service is also a key point in “And Who is My Neighbor?” a report on the talk given by H. David Burton.

Are you prepared? “May 2008 Preparedness Goals” can help you start getting on track with your own personal to-do list for preparation. “Supporting Each Other Through Struggles” is a wonderful reminder that husbands and wives should be there for each other through the difficult times.

We ended the week with “Physical Health Affects Your Spiritual Health,” which reminds us that it’s hard to feel the Spirit when we haven’t been taking proper care of our bodies. They are connected and they need each other.

We hope you enjoyed this look back at the great blogs we offered this week, and that we’ll see you again soon here in LDS.