Who Are We Trying to Please?

I am the queen of trying to please those around me. I want my coworkers to think I’m great. I want my children to think I’m the best Mom in the world. I want my husband to admire my cooking. I want my friends to think I have it all together. For me, it is very important not to disappoint those around me. Yet, how often do I look at trying to please the most important person of all? My Heavenly Father. Recently, I read a great talk that appeared in the January 2012 Ensign. It is titled, “Look Up” … Continue reading

Love Being Home

This past weekend I went away for the first time since I became a mother. Sure, I have left my kids with the babysitter from time to time, but never have they been left by Mommy for days in a row. It was an interesting experience for all of us. I went away to enjoy a weekend with my sisters. There were going to be no kids involved, and I had the idea that it was going to be a perfect, stress free weekend. Quite the contrary. One of my sisters got sick, and a big change of plans had … Continue reading

What If We All Showed Love for God and Neighbor?

Another question that was posed in our relief society lesson on Sunday that really stuck with me was, “What would the world be like if everyone showed love for God and Neighbor?” One mom raised her hand and said something along the lines of, “I would not live in fear anymore. I wouldn’t be scared to drop my kids off at school everyday. There would be no fear.” As I sat there thinking about that, I couldn’t help but think, “What would MY life be like without fear?” It was an interesting thought. As a parent, we can’t help but … Continue reading

Coping with Loss

It is difficult for anyone when they lose someone they love. It can be even more difficult to watch those that you love struggle with their loss when they do not have the knowledge of the Gospel to help them through their loss. At times, I don’t give much thought to the fact that merely knowing what happens after we die is a huge comfort to me. Since I was raised in the church, it has always been a part of my understanding of God, His Plan, and What happens after this life. But, for many, they do not have … Continue reading

Scriptures that Strengthen Me as a Mother

Being a mother is one of the biggest responsibilities in this life. It is not an easy one. It is stressful, and complicated, and tests your patience like nothing I’ve ever experienced. It is wonderful too, but sometimes, I think we as moms need to be reassured, strengthened, and shown love. Unfortunately, we don’t always get that from the little people we take care of. But, there is one person that is there for us, and that is our Heavenly Father. Today I was thinking about some of the scriptures that bring me strength as a mother. And, I immediately … Continue reading

Unexpected Gifts

When I got married 10 years ago, I received a wedding present that was unexpected. It was a beautiful nativity. Since I got married in July, Christmas was definitely not on my mind, and I had never even thought of the fact that I would want a nativity to display in our home. It became my favorite wedding gift that first Christmas that we were married because I realized it was something that I did want, although it was unexpected. It was also something that I could never have afforded at the time, so I appreciated it all the more. … Continue reading

Setting Spiritual Goals for 2013

I’m not usually one to set New Year’s resolutions. I don’t ever do it. It’s not that I don’t have goals or aspirations, but I just don’t feel the need to do that at the beginning of each new year. However, this year, I have been thinking a lot about spiritual resolutions and goals. We all make them don’t we? We all say, “I’m going to pray more.” Or, “I am going to read my scriptures everyday”, etc. If you are anything like me, you feel like there is always something you can do better when it comes to your … Continue reading

Thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Today is Thanksgiving and while my family that is close is not celebrating until tomorrow I can’t help but sit down for a few minutes today and think about all the things I’m thankful for as it relates to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. First, and foremost, I am thankful that I have a loving Heavenly Father that sent his son, Jesus Christ to die for my sins. I don’t often reflect on that miracle, but I do try and be thankful for it everyday. But, when you think about it, it really is miraculous. To have Christ as my … Continue reading

Seeking and Following the Spirit-Part III

For part one in this series, go here. For part two, go here. Once we seek the spirit, is it enough to move about our lives and only feel it when necessary? What if instead of thinking of the Holy Ghost as a companionship that we want, and would be beneficial, we thought of it in more critical terms. What if we had to rely on the spirit for survival? Missionaries definitely feel that. But, do we? We should feel like we cannot survive this mortal experience unless we have the Holy Ghost in our lives daily. When I was … Continue reading

Seeking and Following the Spirit-Part II

If you missed part I in this series, go here first. If we truly want to seek the spirit, first, we have to want the Holy Ghost in our lives. I’m sure all of us can think of a time in our lives where we were more spiritually minded. Maybe some of you are experiencing that time right now. But, maybe some of you can think of more spiritual times in your life than right now. One thing we need to do is to WANT the Holy Ghost in our lives daily. This is the first step in seeking it. … Continue reading