Learning Basic Home Repairs through Television


When I was growing up, my parents lived at hardware stores.  I remember having to come along every Saturday to an Ace Hardware store, spending what felt like hours walking up and down the aisles.

They were constantly fixing things or coming up with home projects to do.  And you know where they got most of their ideas from?  They faithfully watched “This Old House.”

Of course, as a child I found the show completely boring.  Who would have ever thought that one day I would be browsing the aisles of Home Depot and watching similar shows such as “Holmes on Holmes.”

If you get cable or satellite, you have so many opportunities to learn about basic home repairs.  One station is HGTV.

Many of the shows have more to do with real estate and buying homes but there are some that offer helpful advice when it comes to repairs.  “Income Property” shows ways to make home improvements, some of which include fixing things.  “Love It or List It” is another one that gives you some ideas.

Probably the best station for learning about home repairs is DIY Network.  There is a wealth of programs to choose from.  I recommend visiting their website, to not only get an idea on what kinds of programs they have but you can even find great DIY tips right on their site.

One of the benefits to learning about basic home repairs through television is that you can record them.  This allows you to stop, rewind and pause.  It’s like you have an expert right there in your home.

It can also save you tons of money, especially when you can avoid hiring professionals.  Or you might learn economical ways to fix things.

If you don’t have satellite or cable, local shows might help.  An example would be “Makeover:  Home Edition.”  Again, the focus is more on home improvement but you can oftentimes pick up some great tips.