Learning the Alphabet Part VI

My husband and I talked about our son’s recent progress with letters and discussed what would be the best way to begin a more focused study of the alphabet.  We wanted to do something that was just another fun activity that we would do every day without making the learning feel forced.  We came to the conclusion that we should study one letter of the alphabet every day for the month of February.  What this letter of the day would look like, I did not know, but I felt like it was a good way to start.  It would also be a good way to test the waters on what our son was capable of doing.

On February first  we had “a” day.  We made a big deal about it with our son.  As soon as he woke up, we told him that it was “a” day.  We asked him what things starts with “a”. He said he did not know.   I found a video on the internet about the letter “a” and our son watched it happily. It was not a very good video so I found another; it was terrible too, and then another which was a really great short song about the letter “a” performed by cartoon robots.  My son loved the music and watched the “Hooray for A” video several times while I made breakfast.  We did an “a” project with homemade marshmallows.  I tried to get him to write the letter “a” but he was not interested in that at all.  We pointed out all the things in the house that began with the letter “a” and we ate some apples because, as my son said after watching the “a” video, “Apple starts with “a””!

We did a letter a day until we ran out doing fun projects and watching fun “letter” videos performed by robots (there is a video for every letter of the alphabet and they are all amazingly good).  We made pancakes and cookies in the shape of letters.  We traced letters in open face peanut butter and honey sandwiches. We named all the things we could think of the started with the letter of the day!  It was fun and our son can say the entire alphabet now!