Learning through Twister

Incorporating fun games into your homeschool can generate amazing results. Your children will not only have fun but they will learn their lessons. It also inspires creativity among the teacher and the student whereby everything easily adapts into a teachable moment. Learning is best instilled when it is achieved through natural means of play. Twister is one such game that can be adapted into teachable moments. Everyone enjoys teachable moments that are filled with laughter, activity, and fun.

Twister Educational Fun:

1. The basic game teaches right, left, and colors. So, this is a fun game for those little ones just learning their right from left and colors. You may want to recreate the board on an opaque or clear shower curtain with permanent markers to suite little bodies.

2. Using a real Twister board or a recreated one on a shower curtain, place simple words on each circle. Repeat the words so that the different colors all have “cat”, “dog”, “cow”, etc. Then spin the spinner to get “place right hand on red cow” or “left foot on yellow cat”.

3. Place numbers on each circle, repeating or not, the numbers will depend on the math level of your students. Then spin and say, “right hand red”. You can simply have the student shout out the number for number recognition. If he gets it wrong he can lose a turn. To extend the fun, give two commands, “right hand red and right leg green”, then the student must add, multiply or subtract the numbers.

4. Twist your way through history! Place pictures of presidents or historical figures or places on the twister board. You can use tape to apply the pictures or recreate a history Twister board on a shower curtain. Then you can spin and say, “right foot President Taft” or “left hand Tower of London.”

5. Use the Twister board as a large periodic table. You can play the game by spinning for “right leg hydrogen” or you can toss bean bags on the proper element.

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