Learning to Love Your Body

We all know that motherhood comes with a price. Your body goes through a remarkable transformation as it prepares to grow another human being. If you are like most of us, you probably have a few battle scars to show for it. I’ve gotten used to my tiger stripes, but I still struggle with my post-pregnancy body. It’s been almost 5 years since I had Logan and I’m still not to my pre-pregnancy weight. I envy my friends who walk out of the hospital looking like a model in their size 2 jeans again. When I left the hospital I looked like I was still seven months pregnant. Needless to say I was not feeling real great about my body at the time.

I have often made the mistake of comparing myself to others. When we compare ourselves to others we will always fail. There is always someone “thinner,” “taller,” and “prettier.” You can’t win this way. No two bodies are the same. Keep in mind that you are your own worst critic. People look at me and think I’m crazy for being unhappy with my body, but when I look in the mirror I focus on those little problem areas rather than seeing what others see. What a difference it would make if I instead started my day off with something positive!

Remember the reward you gained. Look at those little children who look up to you and love you. We made sacrifices to get these children here. Let those tiger stripes be a reminder of the amazing thing you did for them and continue to do for them each and every day. You have done everything you could to give them a good life and you’re doing it on your own. You may not always look or feel like a model, but you’ve made those sacrifices and have earned every one of your stripes. Be proud of them and quit wishing them away. They prove to the world that you’ve done something utterly remarkable, embrace that, and learn to love the skin you’re in.