Living on a Day Old Bread Budget

I play Wackamole with betraying thoughts telling me my life would be so much easier if I worked full time and put my children in school.  Homeschooling is more about living without than about expense.  Living on one income is not for the faint of heart in today’s economy.  It is downright hard.  Homeschooling can  be done frugally without compromising the quality of education.  It is the lack of income that causes feelings that you are living without and maybe it is not worth it.

I have a list of what we live without, and like the couple in the comic, it is the rewards that make it all worth it.

We live without extensive and regular family vacations. 

We live without expensive clothing and shoes.

We live without always knowing we will make it to the next payday.

We live without the confidence we can handle unexpected expenses like car repairs and plumbers. 

We live without the latest technology to hit the market.

We live without a substantial savings account.

We live without new windows.

We live without the ability to buy a large purchase without skimping and saving. 

We live without new cars.

Yet, we live with a lot of things also.

We live with knowing our children’s teacher is their biggest advocate.

We live with knowing our children are in a safe environment.

We live with knowing our children are not being taught contrary to the Word of God. 

We live with knowing who our children come in contact with and what they are exposed to. 

We live with knowing our children are being taught creativity, critical thinking, and from the best literature and art.  

We live with knowing we are providing the best we can to make them the best they can be.  

We live with knowing we are building a strong foundation of family.  

We live with knowing our children get to be who they are and can be comfortable in that.  

We live with knowing our dyslexic child is getting all the attention she needs.