Locked Out Part II

Back to the front door I tried to shake and wiggle it unlocked. No luck.  I tried to slip a hand saw from the garage between the screen and door frame. No luck.  I tried to push in the screen in order to squeeze my hand in to unlock the lock. No luck.  I called my husband to tell him that we were locked out and that he would have to break the door to get us in and he was in the midst of helping a coworker with a flat tire. He headed home.  I was freezing but the kids were getting anxious sitting in the car in the dark.  At this point I have been trying to essentially break into my house for twenty minutes and it is quite dark outside and I did not bother to turn on the outdoor light. I just wanted to fix this problem and get inside now! So I used a flower pot as a step stool and part of a broken rake to hold the screen back so that I could squeeze my hand in again.  There was more space this time but I had about three inch gap between how far down my hand (it was a bit painful) could get and the locking mechanism on the screen door.  I needed something to reach the lock. I tried to use the saw again but it was too big.  I needed a flat screwdriver but all I had was my calligraphy pen that I keep in my purse.  I took off the cap and holding the pen in my hand with the the tip down and facing the lock mechanism, I squeezed my hand back into the very tight space between the pushed out screen and the door frame.  Then I blindly jabbed the pen nib towards the location of the lock. With the first few jabs I had absolutely no luck.  The angle was not right and the darkness made it impossible to accurately reach the lock. Still, I kept jabbing until I felt the nib move something.  I tried the door and discovered that I had finally managed to get the door unlocked.  We all got inside to warm up and I finished making dinner.  We have a new rule though that our son is not allowed to lock the door in any capacity.  We will see how that goes!