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Look Good On Any Budget

I love clothes. However, my wardrobe has been looking rather shabby and not at all chic for quite some time. The reason? I have not had much time or money available for clothes shopping over the past couple of years. This afternoon while I was looking through my drawers for something to wear, I realized that there are probably ways that I can freshen up my wardrobe even with a very limited budget.

Sure enough, there are tons of tips online for how you can look great for less. Here are a few that I intend to try. If you have clothes that are in good condition that you just don’t wear, a consignment shop is a great way to get rid of them while putting cash back in your pocket. Even if some or all of the money that you make from selling clothes at the consignment shop goes towards buying more clothing, you win if the things that you buy are things that you’ll actually wear. I keep forgetting that there is a consignment shop in my town. I have quite a big pile of things that I have been holding onto until I go to the city an hour away where there is another consignment store that I like a lot. I have no idea when I will have reason to go to that city, so tomorrow morning that pile is going into my car and down to the consignment store which is five minutes away.

Choosing pieces that have classic cuts and colors is a good way to save on clothing. Your clothes will always look up to date, and you can mix them with a trendy piece or two if you wish. If you launder your clothes as little as possible and line dry whenever you can, you will increase their life span. These two tips taken together can help you to maintain a wardrobe full of things that always look great at very little cost.

Online coupons are another dollar saving strategy that savvy shoppers swear by. I have never tried using them, but perhaps I can find some and splurge on a couple of new pieces to add to my wardrobe full of dependable classics and thrift store finds.

Photo by kevinrosseel on morguefile.com.