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Lost in Austen: Miniseries Review

lost in austen Amanda Price is obsessed with Pride and Prejudice. “I love the story, I love Elizabeth, I love the manners and language and the courtesy.” It is something her sleazy boyfriend Michael doesn’t understand. His idea of romance is proposing marriage in between burps and swigs of beer.

Michael eventually collapses on the couch leaving the house quiet enough for Amanda to hear mysterious noises coming from the bath. It is none other than Elizabeth Bennet come through some sort of time portal. Eventually, Amanda ventures through the door to the world of Austen, complete with Mr. Darcy. Will her presence and modern ways forever alter her beloved classic novel?

Of course it will.

This mini series was originally aired as four one-hour novels, but it is now available in its entirety on Netflix.

Anyone who is a Pride and Prejudice fan should enjoy this miniseries. There are enough twists and turns to keep you guessing. After one such marriage that wasn’t supposed to happen, I kept waiting, like Amanda Price, for the characters to find a way out.

With four hours, this series is long, and there are parts of it that get a bit tedious, but overall, it is enjoyable to watch the classic characters grow, take on many dimensions and become more real and alive that ever. The cast did an amazing job of filling out these characters.

There is a deleted scene of Amanda Price singing “Downtown” to Mr. Darcy, Mr Bingly and Miss Bingly that can be found on Youtube and is quite hilarious.

It helps to really know the novel and the Colin Firth movie version. There are many references to both throughout the series, and some very funny moments because of them. It is one part romance, one part time travel and one part comedy.

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