‘Lotsa’ Helping and ‘Outsourcing’ with the New Baby

Are you wondering how you’ll get everything done with a new baby around the house? Are you constantly finding yourself falling behind on housework, or personal time, or anything else? This past weekend I found out about two very interesting services that let you ‘outsource’ your parenting duties.

Lotsa Helping Hands

This site is not specifically dedicated to mothers. I found out about it from a fellow MOM (mother of multiples) whose triplets were in the NICU for almost two months. However, it would really make a unique “present” for either a MOM or a mother who may be expecting their second, third or even fourth child.

One person signs up for free and gets a private website. (You could sign up yourself.) On the website they add members (your friends and family) and whenever there is a need, the site sends out an e-mail to the members to inform them. You can use the website to give updates as well.

I have to say that for us, communicating with all of our friends and family when we had the twins would’ve been much easier if we had one place to go to make general announcements. I remember my husband spending two hours on the phone almost every night after their birth. Of course having a website where I could make a general request asking for a dinner or lunch would’ve been helpful too.

Outsourcing the Little Things

I was reading this month’s edition of Time Out New York Kids (the must have magazine for knowing where to go and what to do in New York City with her kids), when I ran across this interesting concept. Momcierge is a business run by two moms whom I suspect have more time than I do. They take care of all those little annoying details that get in the way of your busy life.

For an annual fee you can have access to mom-tested and approved service providers for anything from interior home design to dog walking. That doesn’t work for you? Don’t worry–you can hire their service hourly as well. They’ll plan your child’s party, research potential vacation destinations for you, sit and wait in your home for the delivery man, find that elusive gift, and even register your child for that ‘hard-to-get-into‘ class. I get the impression that for the right price. . .they’ll do just about anything that will help you spend more time with your little one. I suspect however, that if you can afford to outsource taking care of all these little details. . .you can also afford a nanny!

In any case, there is no doubt that organizations and businesses are recognizing that busy moms need help. I don’t think it will be too long before ‘mommy helping’ businesses are as common as event planners! While I would’ve definitely used Lotsa Helping Hands, I would have a hard time outsourcing all of my other tasks to Momcierge! How about you?

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