Louisiana Genealogy Resources

Louisiana flagThe motto of the state of Louisiana is “Union, Justice and Confidence”. Genealogists who want to gain a little confidence in their ability to discover more about their ancestors who lived in Louisiana will need some help with that goal. This blog has links to several Louisiana genealogy resources that you can use. Many of them are accessible for free!

RootsWeb has a page full of links to Genealogy Resources on the Web. You can find links to information about Louisiana cemeteries, specific notable families in Louisiana, census records, and guides to other Louisiana databases. There are also links to RootsWeb pages that show information that about a genealogists personal family tree.

Ancestry.com has links to all of its individual collections of records that are for Louisiana. To access these records, you must have an Ancestry.com membership. Sometimes, they will offer access to a specific collection for free for a short span of time. Return to this website often. Ancestry.com does a good job of pointing out when collections are new, updated, or free.

FamilySearch has a Wiki page that is about Louisiana genealogy. There are links to more information about specific parishes in Louisiana. There are links to Facebook and Skype Louisiana Genealogy Research Communities. Scroll down, and you will find a bunch of links to other FamilySearch Wiki pages about Louisiana genealogy.

Facebook has a community page that you may want to check out. It is the FamilySearch Louisiana Genealogy Research page. This is a good resource for those who want to learn when FamilySearch updates its existing Louisiana genealogy resources, or adds new collections. It’s also an easy way to find other genealogists who are doing research about ancestors from Louisiana, and to connect with them.

The Southwest Louisiana Genealogical Society has a page on RootsWeb. The SWLGS started in 1973. It is “a non-profit educational organization that is dedicated to gathering, processing, and preserving genealogical material by promoting interest in genealogy.” They create a quarterly publication called KINFOLKS that has a calender of events, Society news, genealogy related news, and more.

Cyndi’s List is the most comprehensive list of online genealogy resources. If it exists on the internet, then Cyndi’s List probably has a link to it. They have a page called “United States – Louisiana”. Some categories on it include: “Birth, Marriage, Death”, “Census”, “Military”, “Newspapers, and more.

Image by Jason Paris on Flickr