Love in a Jar

How do you jar love?

I’ve yet to find a manufacturer able to mass produce the feeling of joy and goodwill that we’d all like to experience during the holiday season… and beyond.

For me, a jar of love would smell like Bath and Body Works’ Dancing Waters shower gel, taste like Crème Brulee swimming in Raspberry Coulis and feel like my daughter’s marshmallow cheek gently pressing up against my chest.

Love in a jar doesn’t have to drain your bank account.  In fact, when it comes to giving the gift of love this Christmas, you don’t have to spend much money at all.  What you do have to invest is time.  Take some time to consider the likes and dislikes of your gift recipient.  Don’t fall into the trap of giving an item to a family member of friend just because you adore it.  That’s selfishness in a jar.  To give love in a jar, dig deep into heart instead of your wallet

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Hobby Jar:  If your gift recipient loves making crafts delight her with a jar filled with supplies, such as beads, buttons, ribbon, glitter, acid-free adhesive, stickers, rubbers stamps, craft sticks, origami paper or gems.  If your loved one is a golf fanatic, fill the jar with balls and tees.  Likewise, a movie lover will appreciate a jar filled with theater passes, popcorn, and candy.

Edible Jar:  For the cooks in your life, give a jar filled with treats they love to make.  For example, if your aunt loves to bake, consider filling a jar with all the dry ingredients needed to make cookies or brownies.  However, rather than mixing the dry ingredients together, layer them in the jar, and then add a recipe card with the wet ingredients and baking instructions.

Spa in a Jar:  Instead of dropping a ton of cash on gift cards to a professional spa, collect a few inexpensive items and place them in a pretty jar so your recipient can enjoy some pampering at home.  Include nail polish, scented bath salts, plus some travel size shower gels and body lotion.

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