Lucky in Love? No Such Thing


Is there such a thing as to be lucky in love?  When it comes to marriage, there really is no such thing as luck.  If you know a couple (or perhaps you are that couple) where it seems like they have it all together…trust me, it is not luck.  It is hard work.

A good marriage isn’t built in luck, on chance.  It takes three key ingredients:  dedication, selflessness and commitment.  Let me be the first to tell you that none of these are easy to do.

Dedication and commitment might sound the same but they really are different.  Dedication is putting forth the work that is necessary to make something happen.  Commitment is sticking to things, even when it gets difficult.

So if you are going to be dedicated, it is going to require action.  You can’t sit idly by and wait for luck to build your marriage.   There won’t be any pot of gold at the end of that rainbow.

Only you know what work is necessary in your marriage.  That’s because each one is unique, with various needs and challenges.  So decide to pick one of the more difficult areas of your marriage and dedicate yourself to working on it.

Second, marriage requires selflessness.  No marriage can survive when it’s built on selfishness.  It sometimes means dying to your own wants and desires.  That isn’t easy, I’ll give you that.

At the same time, it’s a give and take.  It’s not supposed to be that you are always selfless and your spouse gets what they want.  Balance is the key here.

Finally, marriage needs to be something you are committed to.  There are going to be good times but there are certainly going to be bad times as well.  You have to make a decision before those difficult times hit, that you are going to stick it out.

Luck?  There is no such thing as a lucky marriage.