Maintaining Your Weight

Are you happy about the idea of just maintaining your weight? We rarely hear people talk about that. We constantly hear about the need to lose weight but we don’t hear about the part where we just maintain our weight.

I have been in a real rut lately with my eating and exercise habits. I fell off the wagon for a bit and although I have tried to get back on, it has been a rough road. It’s become that rollercoaster ride of having ups and downs. I just can’t seem to get myself completely together. One would think that the warmer temperatures would spur me on but it hasn’t really helped.

Now I am at this point where I am thinking to myself, “Okay, at least what I can do for now is maintain my weight.” I certainly don’t want to put on additional weight so if I can’t get myself back into the groove of things, at least I can maintain what I have so that I don’t give myself additional weight to take off.

What about people who are on a diet to lose weight and finally get to that point where they just have to maintain? I think some people struggle with the whole idea of being satisfied where they are at. That has been something I have had to really self-talk myself about. Can I be satisfied where I am at? Could I be content to just maintain? Can I accept myself just the way I am?

Many times we have to really look at what our motivation for weight loss is. Is it to look better than your best friend? Is it to draw attention to you? Is it to get that new boyfriend/girlfriend? Do you just want to look good on the beach this summer? I think when we dig down deep and really consider our motivation for losing weight; we will make some important self-discoveries.

There really are people out there who need to stop worrying about dieting and concentrate on maintaining. It kind of drives me nuts when I see an obviously thin or fit person talk about dieting. What about maintaining? What about being satisfied with where you are at and focusing on maintaining that weight?

Unfortunately we are surrounded by such mixed messages—we are told to super-size our meals yet we are also told that a size 12 is considered “plus size.” How do we combat against that?

I really do believe that at this particular point in time I need to just be satisfied, strive to eat healthier, get in some exercise and think about maintaining. Once I see some success that way, where I haven’t packed on extra pounds and I have been slowly learning how to eat better and get exercise in, then I may be ready to get rid of those few extra pounds I have been wanting to.

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