Make Your Candles Last Longer

candles I love using Yankee Candles and other fancy candles to brighten up a room and make the house smell so nice. But those nice candles can get pretty expensive. Here are some ways to make your nice candles last linger.

Chilling your candles can make them last longer. This is an old trick that is used by frugal people and the candle companies themselves. Chilling the candles before you use them makes the wax burn more slowly and evenly. Some say that the best way to do this is to freeze the candles for 24 hours before burning them. Others say that just storing them in the refrigerator for eight hours before you burn them is enough to do the trick. I don’t know if you have to chill the candles before each use? Does anyone know the answer to this?

Another way to extend the life of your candles is to trim the wick before using your candle. This is a habit for me. Trimming the wick helps the candle burn more evening, a secret for long-lasting candles. It also prevents candles from smoking and leaving a sooty film on the glass or candle holder, or on the ceiling or wall! If you candle is smoking, then the wick is too long.

Burn your candles for at least four hours at a time. This will ensure that the candle burns evenly to last longer. it will also give off the maximum fragrance per use, if you use a scented candle.

A really frugal trick to make your pretty pillar candles last longer is to only burn the candle until you have a well in the middle that is big enough to accept a votive (or a tea-light) candle. Trim the wick of the large candle so that lies flat, and insert your votive or tea-light. Then when the votive or tea-light burns down, it can be replaced inexpensively.

Do you have any more tips for extending the life of your candles?

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