Make Your Own Snow Cone Syrup

SnowConeCatCut down on the cost and eliminate the high fructose corn syrup when you make your own snow cone syrup. It is easy and inexpensive.

What are summer days without a snow cone? This classic summer treat can bring smiles to practically any child. I remember my childhood summers. One of my favorite “toys” was my snoopy snow cone machine. It took a lot of work to get enough shaved ice to make one small snow cone, but it was worth every moment.

Because my parents weren’t interested in buying any of the snow cone syrups that were available, I usually had to make do with fruit juice, which wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t the classic snow cone. Too bad they didn’t know this easy way of making homemade snow cone syrup.

Try this recipe for your next in-home birthday party. You can make up different flavors in advance, so party guests can choose their favorite or make a rainbow snow cone. This would work especially well for a circus-themed birthday party,  pool party, or an end-of-summer party.

For adults, the different syrups could be used in drinks, including homemade iced tea.

To make the shaved ice, invest in a machine for the purpose (snow cone maker or electric ice shaver), or just use a very strong blender.


2 cups of granulated sugar

1 cup of water

1 package of unsweetened powdered drink mix (like Kool-aid). Pick your favorite flavor.


Mix the sugar and the water together in a saucepan and boil it until all the sugar is dissolved. The mixture should be clear, not grainy.

Next, stir in the drink mix until it is completely dissolved.  Set the mixture aside to cool completely.
Transfer your syrup to a squirt bottle and drizzle it over very finely crushed ice.

Refrigerate until needed.

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