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Making Christmas Simple

simple christmas A simple Christmas can have wonderful meaning. Often, the less that we have, the more that we have to appreciate the wonder, the joy, and the glory of the season. This applies to both using up too much time and too much money.

A couple of days ago, we picked up a few bags of bird seed from a discount store. That inexpensive purchase was one of the best ones we have had this season. It brought a number of colorful song birds right to our window. In the early morning hours, a hot cup of coffee and some time to watch the little creatures flitting from the bird feeder to the old pine and back is the best thing to do. When the Christmas snow comes and serves as a companion to the green pine and the red cardinals, it gets even better.

The first thing that we have to do in order to make Christmas simple is to start deleting things from the list. Imagine a mental delete button on a computer keyboard and press it several times. Delete, delete, delete. Then delete some more.

It is hard to do, this deleting stuff, but it is necessary. The Christmas season has a way of overwhelming us. Christmas guilt goes hand in hand with that. Will there be disappointment if we don’t make it to the parade, bake five dozen cookies this year, or spend five hours shopping for all of the perfect gifts? Maybe, but can you tell me right now, thinking back three years all of the gifts you received or bought, the cookies that you truly enjoyed or what was the best part of the parade? Being able to (or not being able to) answer these types of questions may just tell you how you can simplify.

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