Making Money from Vending Machines

machine_3538Think about how much cash you’ve deposited in vending machines over the years?

Isn’t it about time you started making money from these machines instead of allowing them to suck your wallet dry?

Running a vending machine business is a great way to pad your budget.  What’s more, you can run the bulk of the operations from your home, set your own hours, and turn a profit without a ton of advertising and manual labor.

If you decide to give the business idea a try, consider the type of machines you want to own.  Find a reliable manufacturer who can offer you a financing program if you can’t secure the funding on your own, and then review your options in regards to product.  There are a slew of choices to feature in your machines, including snack foods, sandwiches, cigarettes, coffee, soda, ice cream or toiletries.

Your next concern is location.  You can’t make money from your machines if people don’t know they exist.  The goal is to place your machines in high traffic areas, though they must also be a good fit for the marketplace.  For example, it doesn’t make sense to place a cigarette machine near the entrance to a health club. Likewise, you may not make much profit by placing a soda machine outside a dentist’s office.  Consider your customers and the owners of the property where you want to house your vending machines before negotiating leases and purchasing products.

Like most businesses, vending machine companies require a period of trial and error before reaching their optimum profit potential.  Keep close track of which items sell the fastest and how much people are willing to pay for them.  Also, think about changing out your merchandise seasonally if not more often.  After all, once summer hits, it’s doubtful that potential customers will want to purchase cups of hot chocolate.

Aside from dealing with extreme vandalism and habitual malfunctions, you should be able to make money from your vending machines with very little effort.  What’s more, your main work can be done at home including ordering products, looking for new locations, paying your leases and completing other bookkeeping tasks.


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