Making Money When You Are Already Too Busy

Making Money When You Are Already Too Busy | Families.comThese days, many of us need to find ways to make some extra money. Figuring out how to fit that in when we already have families and jobs (in the home or outside of it) to fulfill  can be tough. How do we find the time to make money when we are already so busy?

Combining Jobs

When I got a call last week asking if I would babysit for our church’s Women’s Bible Study that takes place one morning a week I readily agreed. While the money isn’t much, it allowed me to take my youngest child with me, so I could both care for him and make a little bit of money at the same time.

Are there other ways in your life that you can think about where you can easily combine jobs or tasks so you can earn while still completing other obligations? Another idea I can think about is doubling a recipe and creating an extra meal that can be sold to another busy person or family. There is no extra work or time involved, but there is extra money.

Saving Versus Earning

Sometime you can actually wind up with more money by taking on a job that may be lower pay but has more flexibility, or one that is more casual than corporate. Reducing or eliminating expenses related to work will make any income you do earn seem than much more.

Working at Home

If you can work from home, you will save on commuter costs, a work wardrobe, lunches out and more. Plus you can throw a load of laundry in before you start the day and take it out at lunch. You should be able to do some multitasking this way. Plus, since working at home without distractions improves productivity for many people, you may complete your work ahead of schedule, allowing you to fulfill your other obligations.


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