Making New Year’s Resolutions

Yes, I am thinking about making a New Year’s Resolution.  I know, many people say when you do this, you are only setting yourself up for failure.  But sometimes, you just need something to get you kicked off in the right direction.

This year, as with all years in the past, I am resolving to lose weight.  Oh, I know I can do it – I lost 30 pounds three years ago.  And then gained it all back within the stressful last two years of returning to the workforce, moving, and changing jobs twice.

But this year, I need to get serious.  Next June, I will turn 50 – a milestone age.  I know that after 50, it is harder to lose weight for most people.  That was part of the reason I was so proud of my 30 pound weight loss.

I am also aware that my body is changing and not necessarily for the better.  I am noticing more and more perimenopause symptoms, which I guess means that menopause is getting closer and closer.  There are many mornings when I wake up and feel like my whole body is aching.  I know this is happening for two reasons – one, I am getting older and two, I don’t exercise regularly.

I honestly have no excuse for not exercising.  There is a treadmill right behind my recliner and I have free access to a very nice gym at my office – in a health science center!

When I lost 30 pounds three years ago, I used my son as motivation.  I had him late in life (41) and while I can’t do anything to keep from being the “old mom” at his school, I can take better care of myself.  I need to try to do as much as I can to be around for him as long as possible.  I was following the diabetic diet and never felt better!  I was amaze how I could breathe while bending over to change my shoes and how, because the diet requires you to eat every few hours, I was never hungry.

I am either going to have to get my husband on the bandwagon or head off to Dietland without him.  I am giving myself the ultimatum of losing at least 20 pounds by June and I know I can do it.  Besides, all those cute size 8 and 10 clothes in my closet miss me.