Managing Stress

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No one escapes stress.  Stress is as certain as paying your taxes.  in fact, that can be stressful.  Experiencing trials while trying to homeschool your children can be difficult.  Sometimes our trials are in homeschooling.  Since we are well aware that trials will come then we must prepare by having positive coping mechanisms.  Eating a whole cheesecake or a dozen dark chocolate truffles is not a proper coping mechanism.

Ways to Cope and Relax

  1. Never make the mistake of thinking a stressful school day is better than a day off of school.  You don’t need it and your kids won’t remember anything but a stressful mom.  Take a day to watch documentaries, go on a nature walk, play board games, do a craft, take quiet time to read.
  2. Get up an hour early or stay up an hour later then your children.  If you choose to stay up then try to give them an earlier bedtime since you need your sleep.  Use that time to enjoy the quiet and prepare for the day or the next day.  Being prepared will cut your stress down.
  3. Get into the Word.  Reading the bible helps me cope through anything. It is invigorating and relaxing.
  4. Grab a cup of tea and a good book.  Send the kids to their rooms to read quietly while you do the same.  I used to have one hour everyday where the kids and I read on our own.  I notice a big difference now that our lives make that a rare thing.
  5. Watch a movie.  Sometimes it is best to simply disengage.  I know I love to get lost in a movie or TV show.  Downton Abby is my current favorite escape.  I can still be found watching a Seinfeld episode if I am in the mood for a comedy.