Marriage Is a Gem

MarriageIf you could describe the whole of marriage, how would you do that?  I think I would describe it as a gem, one that is meant to be polished and taken care of.

But I would also describe it as having imperfections.  Nothing in this world is really perfect, is it?  You look close enough; you can usually find a flaw.  The same is true in marriage.

Yet when you take a step back, looking past the imperfections and flaws, you see nothing but a beautiful treasure.  Women oftentimes will hold their hand at a distance, as they admire the ring on their finger.

Sometimes I think that’s what we need to do in our marriages.  We need to look at it from a distance.  It keeps us from looking up close to find all the flaws and imperfections in it.

When you become picky in a marriage, you see everything that is “wrong.”  Keep searching long enough and the smallest flaw will become visible.  In fact, that flaw could be so tiny, yet it suddenly becomes big because so much focus has been placed on it.

Isn’t it funny how this happens in marriage?  Little things become significant.  Then we lose sight of the good parts of the marriage.  We fail to see the positive traits and attributes in our spouses.

The longer you are married, the more likely this is to happen.  Suddenly you start coveting someone else’s gem.  Yet the reality is that upon closer inspection, you would find the same thing…flaws.

If you have been examining your marriage up close, using a magnifying glass to find everything wrong with it, perhaps its time to take a new approach.  Hold it at a distance.

Allow yourself to look past the imperfections.  Look at your marriage as a whole and see the beauty that is within it.

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Stephanie Romero is a professional blogger for Families and full-time web content writer. She is the author and instructor of an online course, "Recovery from Abuse," which is currently being used in a prison as part of a character-based program. She has been married to her husband Dan for 21 years and is the mother of two teenage children who live at home and one who is serving in the Air Force.