How Does Having Children Affect Friendships?

Sometimes, I worry about what having kids will do to my already nonexistent social life. I’m not whining about not being able to go out and have fun anymore. That’s just not my thing. I’m a stay-in, watch-movies, read-books, play-video-games kind-of-person. My closest friends are those who like to do the same thing. What I’m worried about is growing further apart from the friends that I do have. A lot has already been written about how important it is to preserve one’s friendships outside of our marriage. We may have (hopefully) married our best friend, or at least one of … Continue reading

The Parent Precipice

My period was a day late this month. I know that shouldn’t be a big deal at all, but I’m prone to worrying about the littlest things, so yeah, even though the rational part of my brain knew I was overreacting – it was only a day – I couldn’t help but fret. I’d sort of asked for it; a small part in the back of my brain wanted something to go wrong with my pills, so the decision of whether or not to have kids yet would be taken out of my hands. In the first two years or … Continue reading

Is the Term Childless the Correct One?

As discussed in my first article about married couples who choose not to have children, there is some controversy over which is the correct terminology to use to describe a couple who does not want children. There are basically two terms that society uses to describe couples without children. Those two terms are childfree and childless. During my research, I came across arguments for and against both terms. Those arguments were made by those who had children and those who wished not to have children. My last article was addressed toward the term childfree and the arguments that I found … Continue reading

Is the Term Childfree the Correct One?

I suppose this is one that I just cannot yet let go. In a previous article, I described married couples who choose not to have children. It seems that the term used to describe these couples has some controversy. The controversy can be seen in the comments section of the article that I wrote. However it can also be seen in other areas and sites on the web. The discussion of which term should be used is not an isolated discussion to Therefore I decided that it deserved more than a comment but instead a complete article (or two). … Continue reading

“Childless by Choice Project”

…matching pairs beat a full house. I loved this quote! I found it in one of the articles during my research on childfree/childless couples. It seems that many couples are finding the quote to be true. They are much more satisfied being a pair rather than having a full house. In one of my previous articles that dealt with different marriage types, I described a childless or childfree marriage. In the comment section there was some discussion on which term should be used. In my research on the topic I found the terms to be interchangeable and the usage to … Continue reading

Marriage Types: Choosing Childfree

My list of marriage types is quickly coming to a close. Nearing the end is a type that once again Courtney has given us some personal insight on, choosing childless. As many of you know, Courtney has several reasons why she and her husband choose to be childfree. While Courtney can give some personal thoughts on being child free, I will give some typical characteristics of child free by choice marriages. Not all couples without children fall into this category. Some couples are childless but not by choice. They have tried to conceive but have not been successful. However some … Continue reading

Another Reason I’m Married Without Children

A while back I wrote about some of the reasons why I’ve chosen not to have children. (See: “When Are You Going to Have Kids?” and “When Are You Going to have Kids?” – Part II.) In addition to the trip down memory lane I took when I went back to Denver recently that reminded me of all the times I’ve fallen in love with Wayne again and again, I also got a chance to really examine my roots. The who I am and who I’ve become because of where I’ve been. I realized in addition to influencing many other … Continue reading

“When Are You Going to Have Kids?” – Part II

Yesterday I wrote about a common question Wayne and I get: When are you going to have kids? Well, most of my answers quench people’s curiosity and the matter’s dropped. Others, however, like close friends and relatives, lure me into giving more in depth responses. Like when they question, “But haven’t you wanted to be pregnant? To experience it?” Nope A major part of me abstaining from motherhood is because if I did get pregnant we’d be facing a mighty big meltdown. I don’t do needles. I don’t know words strong enough to sum up my terror of doctors and … Continue reading

“When Are You Going to Have Kids?”

Because Wayne and I have been together so long, we often get the question: When are you going to have kids? (Or some derivative thereof.) The Answer Probably never. The Inevitable Follow Up Questions “Can you have kids?” “Do you like children?” (for those who haven’t seen us with kids), or “I can’t believe you don’t have any kids. You’re so good with them. Are you sure you’re not ready to be a mom?” (for those who have seen us with kids). “What are you waiting for? You’re not getting any younger.” The Inevitable Follow Up Answers No, we’re not … Continue reading

Why Do Some Couples Choose Not to Have Children?

For many people, getting married means starting a family, and that includes children. For others, becoming a couple is family enough. This may seem curious to some and there are plenty of people who won’t hesitate to ask a couple why they don’t wish to have children and even some that think they can convince the couple otherwise. The decision not to have children is a private matter. It’s really no one else’s business. Think of it in terms of asking people about other intimate aspects of their marriage. There are many reasons people don’t choose to have kids, and … Continue reading