Two by Two

The other night we went over a friend’s house for a party.  I was wondering where we’d all park, because there are 18 people coming, and I didn’t think many of us would carpool.  “We’re all going to be coming two by two,” I said.  I made myself laugh, but it’s true.  When you run in married circles, people tend to go places two by two. I already covered how I resent the idea that Jon and I are attached at the hip.  The group of friends I saw is the same from quiz night.  Most of us go to … Continue reading

Living with Engineers: Spouses, not Supervisors

Living with an engineer involves more than just having to hear the word “efficient” all of the time. A lot of engineers end up in management positions, and that means one thing: they’re bred to supervise. The word “efficient” does get bandied about, in how they think tasks ought to be accomplished. I already shared my story about measuring butter for baking, and how my husband felt about that. That’s not the only time something like that has happened. Sometimes, I find Jonathan trying to supervise me when we’re completing a project. To be fair, sometimes I ask for it. … Continue reading

Living with Engineers: Tales of Efficiency

There are a lot of engineers out there in the world, and so there are a number of us married to them. Based on conversations I’ve had with other spouses of engineers, I’ve learned it’s not just me: it can be a unique, strange, and funny experience living with an engineer. The first thing you need to learn if you’re the husband or wife of an engineer is that your spouse will always think that their way of doing something, is the best way of doing it. The magic word is “efficient.” Learn it well, because you’ll be hearing it … Continue reading

Movie Review: “Griffin and Phoenix,” 2006

Every so often, I love to curl up and watch a good movie. This afternoon, I chose “Griffin and Phoenix,” the PG-13 film starring Dermot Mulroney and Amanda Peet. It’s a very thought-provoking story about a man named Griffin who has terminal cancer, but is determined to live each day to the absolute fullest. When he meets Sarah Phoenix, he keeps his secret from her, not wanting to cast a shadow on whatever time they might have to spend together. As their relationship progresses, he learns that she has a secret of her own, and they spend the rest of … Continue reading

Double Love

Recently two local couples marked a special day. They were both married on the same day in opposite parts of the world, yet they are now friends and neighbors here on the south coast of Australia. Both couples were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on March 25th. One couple met in Nottingham, England. Shirley worked at the time as a typist whole Tony worked on a building site. He used to see her each morning at morning tea time. When he told his mates that was the girl he was going to marry, they laughed at him. Three months later … Continue reading

Book Review: “My Gift to You” by Lori Nawyn

Trish Ingram has a secret. Beneath the facade of the perfect housewife lies a woman who is emotionally insecure, battling her own feelings of doubt and discouragement, wondering if she’ll ever really measure up to the standards she has placed on herself because of her past. Her need to remain in control at all times has alienated her from her family and friends, who feel that she is reluctant to give of herself. But if she opens up and becomes vulnerable, she’ll get hurt … so she believes. She maintains her distance for her own self-preservation until a good friend, … Continue reading

A Picture of a Marriage

52 years married and still in love with his wife, that was the picture actor Alan Alda presented in a recent interview with Andrew Denton. These are some of the things that impressed me in that interview with the 73 year old actor. Firstly, that he and his wife Arlene have been married 52 years. In Hollywood and the entertainment industry at large, that in itself is a major achievement. Alan Alda suggested that when looking for a life partner (and that tells you something about the way he views marriage – as a life commitment) ‘your life partner makes … Continue reading

Lifestyle Change

Last week I’d seen a sign about alpacas. I love alpacas. They are so cute. So we visited the alpaca farm on Saturday. Since Mick’s been sick all this week I suggested we stay home, but he thought it might be good to get out for a bit. We spent an enjoyable trip alongside the river on a road winding through green fields (paddocks we Aussies call them). Following the alpaca signs we turned in to a property where we were greeted by a smiling friendly woman. Behind here were pens of adorable alpacas and llamas. I regretted I’d forgotten … Continue reading

Marriages That Stand the Test of Time

Given the emphasis on divorce recently on the marriage blog, I thought I’d share a few examples of marriages that have stood the test of time. Our local paper this week had an item about Marjorie and Frank Thompson, who this week celebrated 64 years of marriage. The pair met initially at their church’s youth group where romance blossomed. Although they lived for years in Berry, they now reside at Osborne house. Osborne House is a hostel and nursing home that our choir attends regular attends. After 64 years Marjoie and Frank can still say they ‘are very happy,’ which … Continue reading

No Vacation, but a Different View of Marriage and Life.

Not many people will give up their vacation time to help others. Helping needy people is not every couple’s idea of the ideal way to spend three weeks. But it was for Carmen and Glen Ryan couple who spent three weeks aboard Africa Mercy, the world’s largest hospital ship., Carmen has a nursing background while Glen is involved in with computers and information technology. Both of them wanted to use their skills to help others less fortunate, so they ended up on the Africa Mercy ship in Liberia. The Ryans say that working aboard such a ship providing medical aid … Continue reading