Mercedes-Benz Disses Freemasonry?

Oh, that crazy Super Bowl XLVII!  First, Beyonce flashes a little diamond sign and before the game is over, the Internet is abuzz about how she and hubby Jay-Z must be a part of the Illuminati, that secret group trying to rule the world.

And, speaking of secret groups trying to rule the world, there was another Super Bowl controversy you may not have heard about.  There was a Mercedes-Benz ad, which featured Willem Defoe as a character who appeared to be the devil.

I watched the ad and honestly, I paid so little attention that I didn’t even know what it was for.  I could only tell you that Willem Defoe was in it and the Rolling Stone’s “Sympathy for the Devil” was played during it.

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But, plenty of other people paid attention – close attention!  Those who are a part of Freemasonry, a fraternal organization linked with an abundance of its own controversy, felt the ad linked their organization with the devil.  Why?  It’s because Willem Defoe’s character wore a Masonic ring with their symbols of the square and compa

Freemasons don’t take things like this lightly.  I should know, my late grandfather, father and best friend are all Freemasons.

Part of the problem with all the controversy is that the Freemasons are a secret society.  It seems that any time secrets are kept, some feel there must be some type of conspiracy going on.  Like the Illuminati, Freemasons are often accused of trying to take over the world with secret handshakes and blood oaths.  There are rumors that the Freemasons are descendants of the Knights Templar and therefore keepers of ancient artifacts.

To me, it’s a bunch of ballyhoo, although I do like kidding my best friend that he has the Holy Grail in his attic.  I’ve met plenty of Freemasons and the last thing they seem is satanic or hell bent on ruling the world!

It seems to me that all Mercedes-Benz did with this ad was alienate a group of people who now won’t consider purchasing their cars.  Or, maybe their ad execs just saw it as free publicity.  As someone once said, any publicity is good publicity.

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