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Microsoft Introduced Microsoft Edge Kids Mode

Microsoft introduced Microsoft Edge Kids Mode. It is described as: “a safer space for your child to discover the web”. There is an easy tutorial provided for parents who want to use Kids Mode.

Microsoft provided an explanation about why they created a Kids Mode:

Our research tells us that about 50% of U.S. parents are impacted by what we call the “hand-off scenario.” This is that all too familiar situation of letting your child access the web from a shared device when you’re working, making dinner, picking up scattered toys, or doing any of the million things parents do daily.

For U.S. parents with children aged 12 and younger, 58% are concerned with the issues their children face when using digital products and services, and while the majority are aware of paternal control solutions, only about half are actually using one today…

In Kids Mode, parents can select the appropriate age range for their child. There are two options: Ages 5-8, or 9-12. Microsoft says that both age groups are defaulted to the strictest tracking prevention level, blocking the majority of trackers for maximum privacy and minimum personalized ads, in addition to strict Bing SafeSearch, ensuring that adult text, images, and videos are blocked from your kids’ online searches.

Kids Mode limits the sites that kids will have access to – from the get-go there are about 70 popular kids sites that are allowed, but parents can fully customize the list in a couple of clicks in Microsoft Edge settings. Kids who try to navigate outside of the list will see a “friendly block page” that encourages them to ask parents for permission to see that site, or to try navigating elsewhere.

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