Modeling Biblical Courage


God places virtue as more valuable than wealth.  Worldly wealth is temporary and does not please God.  A virtuous life is one that pleases the Lord and lives eternally.  Virtue is not to be defined by the world but defined by moral excellence rooted in the Word of God.  A virtuous heart makes wise decisions, even during times of adversity, based on the Lord’s leading. Courage is demanded if one allows virtue to manifest in our Christian walk.

The most effective way to teach courage is by displaying courage. Daughters who are still learning to use the Word of God as a source of strength need to see this spiritual concept manifest physically. When we teach a child to add we often use manipulatives to bring a physical and visual aspect to the lesson. Lessons are solidified when a hands on approach is taken. The connection from a concept to the physical is powerful. Just as we show them how to add by adding we need to model courage by being courageous. When a time comes to stand up for Jesus, do we stand up? When the time comes to stay silent, are we silent? Do we stand strong against the wind of fear? Do we fear the enemy’s roar more than we trust the Word of God?

As the storm blew yesterday I noticed a tree bending in the direction of the wind. Branches struggling and leaves flying through the air yet the trunk remained firmly planted. No matter how much the branches bent, how many leaves came off, or what hit against the trunk the core of the tree stood still. Trials come through our lives like the wind on a stormy night. Limbs may grow weak and hearts may shatter but our soul and our faith should remain still. Still in the knowledge of Christ’s promises and sacrifice.

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