Mom Devotion: 5 Ways to Wisely Chose How to Spend Your Time


  • Pray. Ask the Lord daily to order your steps each morning. Pray for wisdom in how you conduct your day. Always take time to pray over involving yourself in any activity, ministry, job, or program. Just because something sounds like an amazing opportunity does not mean it is the opportunity God has for you now.
  • Understand your role in the Lord. There are things you never need to wonder if you should put time into being a wife and a mother if God has blessed you with being a wife and a mother. You already know God has called you to fulfill these roles for His purpose. Everything else you do must reconcile with the roles God has chosen for you. So, it is safe to say that spending hours doing anything that causes you to neglect your husband or children is a bad idea. Of course, God gave you talents to use in other areas of life. Just remember there is a season for everything and keeping priorities in check will alleviate frustration and hurt feelings.
  • Will it profit my family? Ask yourself if something you are pursuing will profit your family. Achieving personal goals is not necessarily counterproductive to family life. In fact, pursuing personal goals can enhance your family and teach valuable lessons. However, if something comes your way that would take more than it gives it may not be the right season in your life for it.
  • Will my family ever have clean underwear again if I take this on? Saying no to drugs is easy but saying no to participating in anything is near impossible for many women. You are not required to say yes to every program, ministry, volunteer position, and activity. You see, that is why they ask…they can’t tell. Be honest. No matter what those extra 20 pounds say, there is not enough of you to go around.
  • Pride, guilt, frustration. Do not do things out of pride, guilt or frustration because it will cause pride, guilt, and frustration.