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Money isn’t Everything

The thought that money is not everything may seem odd to mention in a blog that is all about money, but it is necessary to do so. In our focused rush to get ahead, it is important to take a second to stop and breathe. Money does NOT make the world go round.

Often we imagine that those who make over $200,000 a year are happier than we are in our lives. Seriously, though, they most often are not. Jobs that pay those kinds of salaries are extremely demanding. Not only do they add stress, they take away from your time. Executives making six figure salaries often have huge expenses to keep up. Many of them don’t even have the savings or retirement a middle income family might.

Not living beyond your means and applying careful money management can often make you happier and more successful in the end. You don’t have to make a million to be financially sound. Many of you would be surprised looking at those high rollers in your neighborhood or community; often their debt loads are equally as significant as their paychecks. In order to “keep up” they are overspending and not actually acquiring wealth. Flashy individuals only appear rich in the short run. Some of the wealthiest families, you can often NOT pick out of a crowd.

Ultimately, the lesson is that money is not the point. Sure, we all need it, but don’t let it drive your life. The things from your life that will bring you the most pleasure cannot be bought. Focusing on the importance of relationships, a sunny day, good health, or a wag of a puppy tail will quickly show you what I mean. Money is only a short-term fix. A good life comes in many packages, not always wrapped in gold.

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