More Famous People and the Schools they Attended

Earlier I began a discussion about prep schools and some of the famous people that attended them. It is no surprise that some of the more prestigious families send their children to private prep schools. However there may be a few on the list that catch you off guard! Check out below for more celebrities and the schools that they attended.

When he went by the name Mark Vincent, actor Vin Diesel attended Anglo-American International School in New York. Since then the school has merged with Dwight.

Michael Douglas attended Choate. He also attended Allen-Stevenson School in New York and Eaglebrook junior boarding school.

Carmen Electra is another star which attended a prep school. She attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts in Cincinnati, OH. Sarah Jessica Parker also attended this same school.

Jane Fonda attended an all girl school, Emma Willard School. This is the oldest all girl school in our country.

Another political government figure also attended several private prep schools. Al Gore attended St. Albans. While this is an all boys’ school, Gore chose an all girl school, National Cathedral School, for his daughters. It is also said that Gore attended Sidwell Friends after leaving Albans.

Jodie Foster attended a French school, Le Lycee Francais in Los Angeles, California. Not only did she attend the school she was also the valedictorian. The bilingual school uses both French and English in its program.

It is no surprise that millionaire Bill Gates also comes from a prep school background. He attended Lakeside school in Seattle but then dropped out the school and decided to attend Harvard.

Actress Sarah Michelle Gellar attended the Professional Children’s School in New York City. Some say that she also attended Columbia Grammar and Prep. There are many child stars that attend the Professional Children’s School in New York. The school has a schedule that is designed to allow for the child stars to fill the commitment of their career and attend school.