More Garage Tips

This garage of mine has become an eyesore, once again. It’s time to get some organization that works for me.

A big space hog in most garages are things that go outside. Bikes, golf clubs, skateboards and sports equipment. We all know the garage is where these things live but usually they are behind or under something else so getting them out creates a bigger mess.

One of the first things I need to do is designate a spot, near the garage door, for the outside stuff to do. I need to hang as much as I can to get it off the floor and then put the balls, bats and tennis rackets in bins. If I don’t have to move three other things to get my bike out maybe I’ll ride it more.

When installing garage shelving make sure it is securely fastened to the wall. Once you start loading the shelves with tools and paint and whatever else, they can easily tip over. Secure them well.

Since children don’t regularly play in the garage I don’t have to be as careful with where I store the tools. If you have children in your garage sharp tools should be in a locked cabinet. Some people suggest putting them on a high shelf but getting a circular saw off a shelf above my head is an accident waiting to happen. I store those things as close to the floor as possible.

Smaller hand tools can be stored on a peg board mounted to the wall. If you hang all of your tools and then outline them with a sharpie it is easy to see where something goes when you are putting it away. It’s also easier to see if someone has borrowed your hammer to break rocks and not returned it.

If you have lots of sharp pointy things, like pitchforks, ask friends to save their wine corks. Just stick the wine cork on the end of the pointy thing and you won’t accidentally stick yourself or someone else.