When I Became a Muslim

So, how does a typical Southern girl come to be Muslim? It’s not a very exciting story, but I’ll share it… I was born and raised in Texas. We were Christian in name, but that was about the extent of it. Growing up, I was in and out of various churches of differing faiths– Baptist, Methodist, non-denominational. We would stay at a church for a while, attending with zeal. Then, my dad would decide that the church didn’t have “spirit,” it wasn’t “alive,” and we would leave. This was in between bouts of raging against all religion. Needless to say, … Continue reading

Names for Muslim Boys

Whether you are a Muslim convert interested in changing your name or a parent expecting a baby, you may be curious about names for Muslim males. Here are some Muslim boy names and their meanings: [h]”A” Names[/h] Abbas – Lion Abdullah – Servant of Allah Adam – Black Ahmed – Worthy of praise Ali – Noble Ameer – Prince Anees – Good friend Ashraf – Honorable Asif – Forgiveness [h]”B” Names[/h] Basel – Brave Bassim – Smiling Bilal – Person who calls the prayer [h]”F” Names[/h] Fadi – Redeemer Faisal – Decisive Fareed – Unique Farris – Knight Fuad – … Continue reading

Islamic Diet – What is Halal?

We were talking about halal in the Muslim forum the other day, so I thought I should address it here. Technically, halal means allowed by Allah, or lawful. What it comes to food, there are very specific things that make an item halal. [h]No Pork or Pork Products[/h] It is well-known that Muslims must not eat pork, but many people are unaware of the different varieties of pork. Although non-pork versions exist, the following should always be scrutinized for pork content: Sausage Hot dogs Ham Bacon Meatballs Potted meat “Meat” sauce Kolaches In addition, many restaurants use lard for cooking; … Continue reading

Resources for Islamic Clothing for Women

It can be difficult to find Islamic clothing here in America. A walk into any clothing store reveals row after row of revealing, low-cut tops and skintight pants. Need a skirt? Here, take this leather mini! While those options are fine for wearing around the house, a Muslim woman can’t dress that way in public. So, what’s a conservative Muslim woman to do? Most large cities in America offer culturally diverse clothing stores. If you live near a predominantly Middle Eastern, Indian, or Pakistani area, there are likely stores or boutiques selling appropriate clothes. If there are no modest clothing … Continue reading

Islamic Waldorf School Online

If you are a Muslim homeschooling family, it can be difficult to find Islamic resources. I will be writing about specific resources you can use to integrate Islamic studies into your homeschooling or after-schooling program. For general homeschooling information and helpful tips, please visit the Families.com Homeschool Blog. The Islamic Waldorf School Online is a subscription-based Islamic curriculum. The site is operated by Kristie Karima Burns, an American revert who operated a Waldorf school in Saudi Arabia. [h]Waldorf in Brief[/h] Developed by Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf is a method of teaching that engages the whole child. Waldorf seeks to actively reach … Continue reading

Marriage in Trouble? Seek Help

We recently discussed that, although allowed, divorce is to be avoided whenever possible. Still, it is a fact of life that marriages do hit roadblocks, some big and some small. Maybe your wife spends too much money; maybe your husband spends too much time with his friends. Maybe he isn’t affectionate enough, maybe she’s too needy. Or maybe, the problems are more serious: infidelity, drug or alcohol use, mental or physical abuse. What’s a Muslim family to do? In traditional Muslim countries, the couple would sit down with the elders of the family. The husband, the wife, a representative from … Continue reading

The Complete Middle East Cookbook

The Complete Middle East Cookbook Okay, so technically food isn’t an Islamic subject. However, our families have to eat and our tastes in food are often deeply ingrained in us. Many American Muslim women are married to men from far away lands. Whether they mention it or not, most desperately miss the foods they grew up with. Even if your husband would never dream of asking you to learn a whole new style of cooking, trust me when I tell you he would be eternally grateful! If your spouse is from the Middle East, you must get The Complete Middle … Continue reading

Five Pillars of Islam

If you’ve ever spent any time around Muslims at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Five Pillars of Islam. These are the basic things that all Muslims must do. It is not an all-inclusive list; it is merely the minimum. Following this list is not a guaranteed entry to Jannah (heaven), but it is a great start. So, what’s on the list? [h]Declaration[/h] The first pillar is the declaration. Known as shahadah, this is the first step a person takes as a Muslim. Once a person has studied Islam and believes in their heart that Islam is truly the word … Continue reading

Divorce in Islam

Many people are surprised to learn that divorce is allowed in Islam. After all, Islam is so strict and rigid in many ways, why would divorce be allowed? Marriage is Allah’s gift to mankind. It offers peace and security, physical pleasure and children. Marriage is meant to nurture the soul. While no one is happy all the time, marriage in general should bring happiness and fulfillment to both parties. Marriage is the center of the family, and also its thermometer. When the marriage is strong, the family flourishes. When it is weak, however, the entire family suffers. Allah, in His … Continue reading

Dealing with a Difficult Mother

As we discussed before, the mother is highly respected in Islam. We should treat our mothers with love, affection, and kindness. The ideal mother makes this easy. The ideal mother, whether Muslim or not, has her children’s best interests at heart. This mother loves her children, protects them, nurtures them, and would sacrifice anything for their health and happiness. Yes, it is easy to adore this mother. [h]The Abusive Mother[/h] What if this precious mother was not in your destiny? What if your mother was mean, abusive, or negligent? According to Islam, we should still treat her with kindness. We … Continue reading