Islamic Waldorf School Online

If you are a Muslim homeschooling family, it can be difficult to find Islamic resources. I will be writing about specific resources you can use to integrate Islamic studies into your homeschooling or after-schooling program. For general homeschooling information and helpful tips, please visit the Homeschool Blog. The Islamic Waldorf School Online is a subscription-based Islamic curriculum. The site is operated by Kristie Karima Burns, an American revert who operated a Waldorf school in Saudi Arabia. [h]Waldorf in Brief[/h] Developed by Rudolf Steiner, Waldorf is a method of teaching that engages the whole child. Waldorf seeks to actively reach … Continue reading

Dealing with a Difficult Mother

As we discussed before, the mother is highly respected in Islam. We should treat our mothers with love, affection, and kindness. The ideal mother makes this easy. The ideal mother, whether Muslim or not, has her children’s best interests at heart. This mother loves her children, protects them, nurtures them, and would sacrifice anything for their health and happiness. Yes, it is easy to adore this mother. [h]The Abusive Mother[/h] What if this precious mother was not in your destiny? What if your mother was mean, abusive, or negligent? According to Islam, we should still treat her with kindness. We … Continue reading

Make Islam Fun!

Most Muslim parents are concerned with how to teach our kids to be good, “modern” citizens without losing their Islamic identity and values. The answer is balance. We, and our children, must take what is good from this world around us and leave what is bad. Likewise, we must absorb the good, peace-loving aspects of true Islam and leave the perverted, radical Islam so prevalent today. Okay, sounds easy enough, but how do we put it into practice? One of the most important things we can do is to play up Islam’s fun, lovely side. It’s too easy to let … Continue reading

Names for Muslim Girls A – L

Whether you are a new Muslim considering a name change, a Muslim parent expecting a baby girl, or someone interested in names or other cultures, you might be curious about names for Muslim girls. As promised, the next few entries will list some popular Muslim names and their meanings. Although Muslim names can come from any language, many of the names listed are of Arabic origin. Please note that transliterations from Arabic to English can vary and you many see the names spelled differently. [h]”A” Names[/h] Adeela : equal. Aisha : living, prosperous. Name of beloved wife of the Prophet … Continue reading

What’s In a Muslim Name?

Names help us form our identities and our personalities. A name is the first label we will ever have, the first to describe who we are. A Muslim name must do more than just sound nice; it has to have a beautiful meaning, as well. In fact, the Prophet (PBUH) would often instruct his followers to change their names to names more fitting believers. [h]Should New Muslims Change Their Names?[/h] While it is not a requirement for new Muslims to change their names, many choose to do so. Some change their name because their original name has a negative connotation. … Continue reading

Toys for Muslim Children

Although Muslim children can play with many of the same toys as their non-Muslim counterparts, sometimes it’s nice to have toys that were made specifically for Muslims. With Islamic toys, we don’t have to worry about inappropriate clothing or language or questionable morals. Here are some links to games, toys, coloring pages, and stories made just for Muslim children: Razanne — Most young girls love dolls and many adore Barbie. Barbie can be fun and educational. However, with her tank tops, mini skirts, bikinis, and lifelong boyfriend, she doesn’t exactly embody Islamic values! Razanne is the Muslim’s answer to Barbie. … Continue reading

Why This Muslim Family Homeschools

On my oldest daughter’s first day of school, she came home and said, “John says I’m his girlfriend. What does that mean?” I explained to her that everyone, boy or girl, is her friend and there is no need for special terms like boyfriend or girlfriend. As she was only five, that seemed like enough of an explanation. The next week, she announced that she could no longer wear her favorite dress because, “Susie says it’s stupid.” I explained that she is free to choose her own clothes and that Susie’s opinion shouldn’t sway her. The following month, she came … Continue reading